Rock Radio is the first radio station to launch in Gibraltar for over 50 years!

With all eyes on Rock Radio, right now is a crucial time for you to be advertising with us to ensure that your message is being heard by the biggest and most diverse audience across Gibraltar and beyond. 

We are fresh... fun... approachable!  Plus, we are constantly listening to our audience to make sure we deliver what they want to hear so they stay tuned our way. 

But why advertise on radio?

Radio is the most real form of advertising...

It is intrusive and grabs attention, so your message will reach thousands of potential customers. Remember, you can't flick past a radio advert like you can a newspaper or magazine advert. 

Radio reaches out to your customers. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to talk to local people about your business, at a very cost effective price.

For more information contact our sales team: 
T: (+350) 225 0 5000

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