Chief Minister pays tribute to Unite's Regional Officer Victor Ochello

Fabian Picardo praises Victor Ochello for almost five decades of championing of workers' rights for Unite the Union as he announces retirement.

A statement from the Government said:

I want to pay tribute to Victor Ochello for the work he has done as an official of my union, the Transport and General Workers Union and, latterly, Unite.

He and I have worked together for many years. I represented Victor and many of his members as a lawyer before I was in Government and I have negotiated with him since I became Chief Minister. In all that time, we have agreed and disagreed as we have had to in exercise of our respective responsibilities, but we have never fallen out. In the best moments as in the worst moments, Victor and Fabian have always remained friends, colleagues and comrades. We have always, therefore, found a way to row back from confrontation to achieve more for those we represent from a consensual approach - something that some seem not to have understood.

In many ways, I learnt from Victor, as I have from other colleagues, that although we may defend our positions passionately, we also help each other and work together and in a collegiate fashion whether or not the cameras are rolling and the microphone eavesdropping. 

A fraternal farewell to Victor from me, in solidarity, and a big thanks for his grain of sand for the improvement of the lot of working people. 

I wish Victor a long and fruitful retirement in which I am sure he and I will be able to continue to work together to continue to improve the lives of working people in Gibraltar.

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