Chief Minister returns to London for Brexit talks & meeting with Sky

The Chief Minister & Deputy Chief Minister have returned to London for more Brexit related talks with Fabian Picardo also set to meet with Sky executives.

The Chief Minister Fabian Picardo and the Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia are in London for meetings related to the United Kingdom and Gibraltar’s departure from the European Union. They are accompanied by the Attorney General Michael Llamas.

Number 6 have also confirmed that The Chief Minister will meet with high level executives at Sky to discuss the withdrawal of TV channels from local telecommunication providers u-mee, GibFibreSpeed & Gibsat.

The Gibraltar delegation arrived at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office directly from the airport for the first of these meetings this afternoon. The meetings will continue tomorrow. The discussions include preparations for a no deal Brexit in the event that the UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement is not approved by the UK Parliament.

In the absence of the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister, the Minister for Education and the Environment Dr John Cortes will act as Chief Minister until Thursday.

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