GHA recruits Resucitation Officer for cardiac rehabilitation services

The Resuscitation Officer will be providing basic life support training to members of the public in order to increase awareness of cardiac health and disease.

A statement from the Ministry of Health reads:

The Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA) is pleased to announce that on 1 April 2019, a Resuscitation Officer was recruited. As part of their role,the Resuscitation Officer will provide Basic Life Support training to members of the public to increase the awareness of cardiac health, cardiac disease, and also to create a greater level of life support trained individuals in our community.

Since its inauguration on the 19th of December 2017, the Lionel Perez Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre has gone from strength to strength and has easily established itself as a gold standard medical service.

Since that time, the numbers of patients seen in the service are as follows:

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program attendances to date: 1877

Cardiac Rehabilitation Self-Help Group attendances to date: 4039

In January 2019, the weekly schedule for rehabilitation was reviewed, and an increase from six to nine hours per week was offered to the Gibraltar Cardiac Association members to allow for an increase in the number of self-help exercise group sessions. The service plans to continue to expand
supported by the Association, and with regular updates and meetings with Minister Costa. The Association have very kindly offered to donate an elliptical cross trainer to the already excellent suite of gym equipment funded through charitable donations.

The Association has also engaged with the Resuscitation Officer and the Paramedic Services to identify more locations for automatic defibrillators (AEDs) in Gibraltar and to undertake a public awareness campaign.

Dr Krishna Rawal, Clinical Director of Primary Care said: “The transformation of the Cardiac Rehabilitation service from 2017 to today has been amazing, and has been driven forward by Mr Gerry Fortuna, Clinical Nurse Specialist. We provide a service fully in line with the standards of the
British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation and support the whole community with self-help groups, awareness campaigns and training.”

Suyenne Perez-Catania, Chairperson of the Gibraltar Cardiac Association said: “We are delighted with the recruitment of a Resuscitation Officer by the GHA and the continued efforts to improve the services offered at the Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre. The Association is very encouraged with
the progress that has been made in such a short time. The positive feedback received from members using the Centre demonstrates how much this service was needed in our community. The purchase of 2 AEDs and new equipment sponsored by a donation from the Gibraltar Women’s Lodge of
Freemasonry illustrates the commitment by all involved to give cardiac patients the support needed to improve their chances of recovery to full health. The Association is extremely grateful to The Honourable Minister Costa and his team for the help and support being provided to develop
the service, provide training and create awareness for the benefit of the community. It is by working together that we can achieve success."

Minister for Health, Care and Justice, The Honourable Neil F. Costa said, “I am absolutely committed to continue to work closely with our community and the groups and associations that work so hard to advocate for patients and service users. There is no doubt in my mind that listening to the advice from those who experience health care from the patient’s perspective can only help us improve our services. Cardiac Rehabilitation is an excellent example of working together, and I am truly delighted to see how this service is developing.”

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