Gibelec confirm reduction in energy consumption across the Rock

The Gibraltar Electricity Authority confirmed a reduction in energy consumption, with the replacement of LED light bulbs.

The Government and the Gibraltar Electricity Authority have released details of the "continuing success" of its energy efficiency measures, with reduction of energy consumption in a number of areas.

The statement said:

Due to the ongoing, phased replacement of street lighting with Low Energy Devices (LED lighting), there has been a 20% reduction in street lighting consumption when compared against the year 2012/2013, when the initiative was started by the present Government. This provided a consumption saving of 378 MWh in the last financial year, but more impressively a total consumption saving of 1.37 GWh since 2012/2013.

In spite of an increase in the coverage of parts of Gibraltar with Christmas lighting, because these too are now LED, there was a 24.7% reduction in electricity consumption for the town area, including the Sun Dial from last year and a 72.39% decrease in consumption on Christmas lighting since 2011.

Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change John Cortes commented: “These figures show that Government’s energy efficiency policy is effective. They also show that we can all help in improving efficiency. If we all take these steps in our homes and places of work, collectively we will make a tremendous difference in reducing the use of electricity. Not only is this cheaper for the consumer, it also means that less power is needed, which reduces generation and pollution. I urge everyone who has not already done so to take the step of converting all lighting to LED.”

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