Government accuses the GSD of criticising "blindly without regard for the facts"

No.6 have slammed the opposition for their "critical" commentary on various issues such as cleaning, the development of buildings and Gibraltar's roads.

A statement from the Government said: 

The latest statement issued by the Opposition reflects their continuing eagerness to be critical of everything that the Government does. This time they have bundled together the same arguments in relation to cleaning, roads, development and the condition of buildings.

Firstly, it is quite incredible that the Opposition have issued a statement which is critical of the condition of our roads at the same time as there is a major road re-surfacing programme under way. There has been investment in our roads over the years and this will continue.

Second, Gibraltar is much cleaner now than it was at the time of the contract changeover. The programme will be tweaked as necessary in order to make sure that all areas that need cleaning are covered.

Third, the Government is responsible for the maintenance of its own buildings. The Parliament building is down for a facelift when the new lift is installed during this financial year. We have also encouraged private sector landlords to improve the buildings thatthey own. There have been huge strides taken in Upper Town renewal. Tenants have been decanted from Government buildings in order to make way for comprehensive private sector investment and refurbishment. The old Police Barracks is a case in point.

Fourth,the pace of development is fuelled by the huge interest that exists in investment in Gibraltar on the part of the private sector. This is a product of our economic success. The Government has held back the development of some areas that it controls in order to control the overall pace of development.

The Opposition continue to criticise blindly without regard for the facts.

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