"Opposition moving firmly into the realms of fake news", says No.6

The Government hit back at the GSD following accusations that Med Steps is temporarily closed to "prevent the public" from "seeing the progress of Lathbury Stadium."

A statement from the Government said:

In a quite unbelievable Tweet, Opposition Environment spokesman Trevor Hammond has clearly implied that the temporary closure of Mediterranean Steps, which happened two days ago, was in order to prevent progress on the Lathbury Stadium being visible to the public. The suggestion seems to be that, for some reason, Government wanted to hide progress on this sporting facility. It is hard to understand this bizarre allegation, when the site is visible from other vantage points on the Upper Rock. This clearly shows the disingenuous nature of the tweet, and confirms what we have seen of late – the Opposition moving firmly into the realms of Fake News and Alternative Facts.

The Government would not want to deny people seeing the development of these wonderful new facilities. Nor would it close off a popular walk like Mediterranean Steps for dishonest reasons. What makes it worse is that Mr Hammond is questioning an action taken by Government on grounds of public safety. This calls into question Mr Hammond’s sincerity and clearly shows that his public statements simply cannot be trusted.

The photograph clearly shows the rock fall in question, and the media have reported on the praiseworthy action of hiker Simon Bogg who quickly notified the authorities. Mr Hammond’s Tweet was out of turn and most irresponsible.

In his tweet Mr Hammond shows a photograph of the new stadium partly concealed in levanter fog. Maybe he will now tweet to say that this is another of the Government’s attempts at concealing the works!

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