RGP Marine Section arrest three Spanish nationals at sea

The RGP Marine Section yesterday arrested three Spanish nationals at a high speed chase after being notified of the situation by Guardia Civil Officers.

A statement from the RGP reads:

Three Spanish nationals were arrested by RGP Marine section following a high speed chase at sea yesterday in the early hours.

Juan Jose Pinero Espinosa 24 from Algeciras, Francisco Gil Dominguez 34 from Jerez, and Juan Manuel Ordonez Suarez 36, from Algeciras, were charged and will be appearing at the Magistrates Court this morning.

Ordonez Suarez faces charges of dangerous navigation, importing a prohibited import – a 14 metre 350 HP semi rigid inflatable boat – and obstructing police. Gil Dominguez faces charges of importing a prohibited import (as above) while Pinero Espinosa was charged with importing
and possession of a small amount of cannabis resin, and importing a prohibited import (as above).

The RGP Marine Section responded to a tip off from the Guardia Civil.

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