"Select Committee will expose Mr Clinton's malice" says Chief Minister

The battle continues over the Midtown Car Park, with Fabian Picardo saying he "welcomes a Select Committee to look into the defamatory allegations" made by Clinton.

Reacting to the Motion, the Hon Fabian Picardo QC MP said:

"I very much welcome the proposal for a Select Committee of the House to look into the untrue and defamatory allegations that Roy Clinton has made against me and Albert Mena.

It shows Mr Clinton is now massively on the back foot and has nothing left to say. He is obviously now just trying to find a shield for the consequences of the huge mistakes he has made.

This Select Committee will therefore be the perfect mechanism to expose Mr Clinton's malice, his errors and his lack of judgment and the unfounded nature of his libellous allegations.

Moreover, this Select Committee will be just one of the fora where there will be an opportunity to look at all the details that demonstrate just how untrue and badly wrong Mr Clinton’s assumptions, suppositions and allegations against me are.

Already, Mr Clinton is lowering his tone, getting off his high horse and is now saying he is not accusing me of anything, contrary to his original statement and his remarks on the GBC news report on the subject, which was riddled with accusations and designed principally and above all else to intentionally damage my reputation. Mr Clinton's climb down is remarkable, but welcome. What he needs to do now is to retract his statement against Albert Mena, whose professional reputation is impeccable and who he should never have involved in these political exchanges in the first place. Mr Clinton should also now apologise to him.

Indeed, I also note that Mr Clinton's original motion as proposed this morning was materially defective and he was required by the Speaker to change it. He has already had to amend it once and he may yet have to do so again.

Additionally, I also welcome the statement yesterday from the developers of the Midtown Coach and Car Park - in which Mr Clinton owns two spaces - that confirms that the fallow areas in the building were added to all the leases for the parking spaces without reference to the purchasers."

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