Gibraltar Parliament send 2019 Register of Electors to households

This years Register of Electors has been sent to every household in Gibraltar but alternatively you can also register or update your voter information at

A statement from Gibraltar Parliament reads: 

In preparation for the compilation of the 2019 Register of Electors, either of two electoral registration forms has been posted to every household in Gibraltar.

The forms must be completed and returned to me in the enclosed prepaid envelope within five days of receipt. Alternatively you can register and conveniently update your voter information online at: .

The first form has particulars of persons that my records show as residing at a particular address. Please check these particulars, correct them if necessary, verify that all persons continue to meet the eligibility criteria and include any other person living there who meets that criteria.

The second is a blank form which is being sent to those householders who, for the first time in relation to their address, need to provide particulars of all persons living in the household who meet the eligibility criteria.


To register as an elector, a person must:

- (i) be 18 years of age or will be 18 years of age on or prior to 31 December 2019; and

(ii) be either:

(a) a British citizen; or

(b) a British Overseas Territories citizen; or

(c) a British Overseas citizen; or

(d) a British National (Overseas); or

(e) a British protected person; or

(f) a British subject under the British Nationality Act 1981; and

(iii) have lived in Gibraltar for a continuous period of six months ending on the date of receipt of this completed form; and

(iv) intend to live in Gibraltar either permanently or indefinitely.

Householders who do not receive an electoral registration form or who have any problem completing it should contact the Electoral Registration Office on Tel: 20078420 for assistance.

You can also register on-line. Follow the steps to electronically register or amend your entry in the Register of Electors by going to the Parliament’s website and follow the links in the “eRegister” banner.

Blank electoral registration forms can also be downloaded from the Parliament website . These can be completed and returned in person at the Gibraltar Parliament.

Remember that only those persons who are registered as electors are entitled to vote at elections.

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