Government say GSD's delay of legislations "is of no help to people"

The Chief Minister has responded to a letter written by GSD member Roy Clinton where Mr Picardo says " a third reading of a Bill had been postponed for 24 hours".

A press release from the Government says:

"The Chief Minister, the Hon Fabian Picardo QC MP, has received a communication from Hon Roy Clinton MP, a retired banker with considerable time on his hands.

Mr Clinton, who has no pressing professional engagements and no responsibility for the public affairs of Gibraltar, has used his time to check Hansard and has written to Mr Picardo to make a point in writing about the last time the Committee Stage and Third Reading of a Bill had been postponed for 24 hours.

Mr Picardo said: "I have replied to Mr Clinton telling him that I have many issues of importance to Gibraltar and to real people to consider. I have told him that the points he made in his letter are the same ones he made during my statement and that therefore the record stands already reflecting his recollection of this position, which illustrates that he had previously been responsible for a non-urgent postponement of a Bills passage through all its stages on one day.

I guess he is foolishly proud of that.

Delaying the legislative process is of no help to real people, with real problems, but I guess it floats his boat.

Instead, I am too busy having to ensure that single parent families are not prejudiced by his and Mr Phillips' latest wheeze to delay legislation.

The letter from Mr Clinton is, however, a helpful illustration of the pedantry and waste of time that the GSD are engaged in whilst my ministerial team is busy dealing with the human realities of Brexit and as we continue ensure we are able to provide all Government services across all our portfolios. As a retired banker, Mr Clinton clearly has enough time on his hands to indulge himself. The Government is instead dedicating every moment available to getting Brexit right and not engaging in childish games."

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