Minister Sacramento presents books to all Year 2 and 3 students

The Ministry of Equality has presented a copy of the book Zipps Trips to every year 2 and 3 students created by a group of six students from Westside and Bayside.

A statement from the Ministry of Equality reads:

The Ministry of Equality is delighted to have been involved in promoting equality and respect for this year’s World Book Day on Thursday 7 March. The Ministry of Equality has presented a copy of the book ‘Zipp’s Trips’ to every year 2 and 3 school child.

‘Zipp’s Trips’ was developed by Project Unify, a team of six form students from Westside and Bayside School,who participated in the Young Enterprise scheme. These students wanted to create a story for young children aimed at embracing differences within our society, thereby promoting equality and inclusion. The students presented the idea to the Minister for Equality and her team at the time.

The book follows the journey of an alien (Zipp) who is forced to land on earth and crashes into the garden of a little girl called Luna. Zipp follows Luna around her school and is surprised by the discrimination and bullying she finds in everyday life.

This book makes for enjoyable, light reading that will introduce the reader to lessons in empathy and inclusion. Copies of this book will also be available at different public waiting areas frequented by children as well as libraries.

Minister for Equality, the Hon Samantha Sacramento MP, said: “We learnt about this book during the Young Enterprise Scheme two years ago. I absolutely loved their idea of reaching out to young children, and thought it was a good way to introduce the concept of being different but equal and
lessons of empathy and inclusion to a younger audience. Arranging for this excellent book, which has been written by young Gibraltar students, to be available to all young children of a particular age is one of the ways that the Department of Equality is investing in our future generations so that
Gibraltar may continue to be an all-inclusive society, which in today’s world, is something to be proud of. My office and I have already received a lot of positive feedback from both children and parents who have had the benefit of this initiative. I am delighted that we have supported this wonderful initiative, which came about as an idea from young students as part of the Young Enterprise scheme. This is yet another example of the Ministry for Equality taking the lead and collaborating with the Department of Education to spread awareness of equality issues to achieve our agenda of inclusion, diversity and respect.”

Minister for Education, the Hon John Cortes MP, said: “This initiative helps both to celebrate the work of Young Enterprise and to show how relevant their projects are. Equality and inclusivity form an integral part of Education and we are very pleased indeed that the Ministry for Equality, which
has spearheaded these principles in Gibraltar, has provided these books to all the children in such important formative school years.”

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