Past pupil visits Governor's Meadow school as part of World Book Week

Past Governor’s Meadow First School pupil Genevieve Vitale recently visited year 3 students and was asked questions as part of the School’s book week.

A statement from the Government reads: 

GMFS Pupil Turned Author Visits Governor’s Meadow First School as part of World Book Week

Mrs. Genevieve Vitale, a past Governor’s Meadow First School Pupil, visited Year 3 pupils as part of the School’s Book Week Initiative led by
Mrs Gillaine Escumalha, English Coordinator.

As part of Book Week, Mrs. Vitale was able to meet Year 3 pupils. The children asked the GMFS pupil turned author about her ‘Pond Friends’ Book and how she developed the five short story lines. They also learned about the way she integrated her own illustrations that form an important part of the book, suitable for 2-7 year olds.

The pupils were keen to learn about how to become an author and illustrator. ‘Many pupils dream about becoming an author,’ explained Mrs Ferro GMFS Headteacher. ‘The opportunity to meet a real life author, who in turn was a past GMFS pupil, was even more exciting for our Year 3 audience.’

Mrs Escumalha added, ‘ our budding authors were absorbed in how Mrs Vitale’s writing journey began and realised how much work is involved in
story writing.’

Mrs Vitale enjoyed her visit to her past school adding, ‘It was a pleasure to share my experience with pupils in order to encourage the love of
reading, writing and drawing.’

This author visit initiative was a great build up for World Book Day celebrations on Thursday 7th March.

Governors Meadow “Share a Story” Book Week Initiative

The theme for this year’s World Book Day is “Share a Story”. The idea is to get everyone reading and sharing stories from breakfast to bedtime
anywhere, everywhere and with whoever, including a pet!

Throughout this year’s Book Week, GMFS parents/carers have been invited to come into school and spend some time sharing a story with
their children in a comfortable school hall setting conducive to enjoy reading a favourite book.

The whole school teaching and learning community have all worked together to convert the school into a reading zone where parents and
children can sit or lie down and read a story or two in comfort.

The initiative has been very well received by parents and pupils as it has provided them with the opportunity of spending quality learning time
with their children.

This initiative also welcomes parents/ carers into GMFS as part of our teaching and learning community and aims to develop the school’s ethos
of creating closer ties with our extended family.

In this day and age of modern technology sharing a story with children for just ten minutes every day can help make a real difference and help
promote reading skills, creating avid lifelong readers.

The GMFS aim is to promote reading as a fun and enjoyable activity.

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