Union ask Government to involve them in important discussions

Unite the Union claim they should have been involved in the ongoing discussions which led to promised employment as they have negotiating rights for GDC.

A statement from Unite the Union reads: 

Unite the Union would like to congratulate all those agency workers who have been promised permanent employment through Gibraltar Development Corporation (GDC). 

Having said this Unite has already received a large number of concerns as a result of yesterday’s announcement.

Unite believes that these concerns have arisen due to the Government’s decision to bypass the agreed way forward during our meeting on 17th January following Unite’s demonstration. 

Unite must emphasise on the requirement for any employer to include any relevant Trade Union in all negotiations. We also need to highlight that Unite has negotiating rights for GDC and we should therefore have been included in the discussions that led to this decision. 

Unite the Union demands from Government to refrain from engaging directly with employees and involve Unite as historically has been the case with a view to a positive, transparent bargaining process.

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