Youth Arts Jamboree launching this year's events for youngsters

A Youth Arts Jamboree is launching this year for young people between the age of 2 and 25 and will be held from the 18th of February to the 7th of March.

A statement from the Ministry of Culture reads:

Gibraltar Cultural Services, on behalf of the Ministry of Culture, is launching this year’s Youth Arts Jamboree, a cultural development programme dedicated to young people.

The activities offered in the programme are all geared for children and young people aged between 2 and 25 years old. The Jamboree will be held from the 18th February to the 7th March 2019.

This year’s programme offers specific workshops for young people in a variety of disciplines, from creative writing and poetry, to drama, music, fine art, movement and fashion. The aim is to invest in young people offering opportunities for growth and development. The sessions will be fun and educational, some targeted at beginners and others more specialised and focused.

Her Worship the Mayor, Kaiane Aldorino-Lopez GMH will once again lead visits to the historic City Hall, with GCS combining these with art tours of the Mario Finlayson Art Gallery housed within.

An innovation will be live chat and performance sessions with local established musicians relaying their life experiences. An opportunity to share in the joys and successes of some of Gibraltar’s best, an opportunity to learn from them.

Hoping to invest in future skills, the programme will offer opportunities in photography, lighting, and videography. A few placements are been funded for and made available for young people wishing to learn or further improve their skills in these areas. These programmes will be provided by the Gibraltar Photographic Society, ArtDance and WrightTech respectively.

Other events will include the established art, dance and music competitions, Heritage Trust and Gibraltar Museum tours and the World Book Day celebrations, amongst others.

Art treasure hunts to feature Gibraltar’s leading art galleries have been devised so that youth groups and young people and their families may appreciate the work of local artists and the interesting buildings they are housed within. The walk takes you on a journey from Casemates via Irish Town to John Mackintosh Square.

The Minister for Culture and Youth,the Hon Steven Linares, said:

‘It gives me great pleasure to present the full and varied development programme that has been produced by Gibraltar Cultural Services. It is imperative that we invest in our youth so that we can have more young people in cultural activities, and in turn, we strive to produce the cultural, youth and heritage leaders of the future.

I look forward to the participation of many of our youth in this unique Jamboree.’

CEO at Gibraltar Cultural Services, Seamus Byrne, said:

‘GCS are delighted to be able to present this development programme for HM Government of Gibraltar.

We need more young people involved in photography, fine arts, drama, architecture and many other genres of the Humanities spectrum. GCS believes that the Youth Arts Jamboree initiative, is a very important development programme for Gibraltar, as it will provide a platform that will contribute to our community’s cultural growth.

For any enquiry please contact Gibraltar Cultural Services, Events Department, on telephone 20067236 or email:

Editor’s Note:

Full programme of events is attached.

For interviews and further information please contact Cultural Development Officer,Davina Barbara on

20079750 or

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