Ant Loddo

Since University, Ant has always dreamt about having his own radio show. With a degree in musical theatre, he has travelled and performed across the globe (including working with Mickey Mouse at Disneyland). Now Ant is excited to be back in Gibraltar sharing the latest music, his exciting adventures and all the fun Rock Radio has to offer for 2019!

What’s your favourite place in Gibraltar and why?
The top of the rock, so whenever my friends from around the world come to visit, they can see 3 countries, 2 seas and one Mr Ant Loddo!

Tell us something about Gibraltar that not everyone knows?
When I was born, there was a tree planted in my name in Alameda Gardens! It’s still there now! Some searching to do, but I promise you it's there!

And something about you that not everyone knows?
After performing as a dancer in the London Olympics 2012 ceremony, I got the chance to meet Victoria and David Beckham. Both lovely people.

What’s your favourite thing to do on the Rock?
After being abroad for so long, without sounding too cliche, I’m honestly just enjoying catching up and spending time with my family and friends, and enjoying a wine in the sunshine... the UK doesn’t have this weather!

If you weren’t presenting on Rock Radio, what would you be doing?
I’d love to become a celebrity and end up on Strictly Come Dancing as a contestant or on I’m A Celebrity! Give me a bug smoothie... I’m down for a challenge!

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