Resham Khiani

Resham has freelanced for several publications and radio stations here in Gibraltar. She trained in London as a magazine journalist and made the leap into radio two years ago. With a passion for radio journalism and news, Resham will be reading the morning news bulletins and giving you updates on the weather. 

What’s your favourite place in Gibraltar and why?
Queensway Quay is my favourite place to chill out. I love looking at the boats berthed in the marina and enjoy the relaxing vibe of the place. It’s the ideal place to enjoy a lovely dinner without it being too crowded. 

Tell us something about Gibraltar that not everyone knows?
Oysters were grown in the shallow waters of Sandy Bay. Yum! 

And something about you that not everyone knows?
Whenever I leave my house after using my straighteners i get paranoid I haven’t switched them off. I have to call my family to check I haven’t burnt the house down. 

What’s your favourite thing to do on the Rock?
I like nothing better than to drive around at night and stop by the beaches to hear the waves. The views of the moon by the sea are just breathtaking! It’s in moments like this that I appreciate living in Gibraltar. 

If you weren’t presenting on Rock Radio, what would you be doing?
I would be a fashion designer.

Tune in to Resham every weekday afternoon for the latest news from across the Rock.

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