Sean Acris

Our resident Mr Gibraltar, Sean, has had a flair for fashion and presenting since before he discovered Vogue (when he raided his sisters wardrobe!!!). From working behind the scenes at Delhi Fashion week, to appearing on local television as a stylist, Sean's picked up a wealth of style tips and tricks (and some juicy gossip!!) that he's ready to share over the waves!

What’s your favourite place in Gibraltar and why?
I fell in love with St Michael's Cave recently... It's one of Gibraltar's hidden treasures! I actually organised a wedding ceremony there and that's when I really started to uncover the beauty of our caves. Since then just can't get enough of the amazing acoustics, ambiance and natural dramatic details.

Tell us something about Gibraltar that not everyone knows?
Gibaltar's the birthplace of the great fashion designer John Galliano... I salute you sir!

And something about you that not everyone knows?
I'm a HUGE Britney Spears fan.... that's probably not a big secret but more like a guilty pleasure! Love you Britters!

What’s your favourite thing to do on the Rock?
I love disappearing up the Med Steps and getting lost in the gorgeous views and feeling like I'm totally free from the chaos of the city and at one with nature.

If you weren't presenting on Rock Radio, what would you be doing?
I'd be a celebrity wedding planner... or writing for GQ magazine... either one will do! #LifeGoals

Tune in to Sean every Sunday afternoon from 2pm for The Weekend Hit Mix.

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